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Personalised laser cut and engraved gifts | We are a social enterprise supporting Yorkshire folk learn digital fabrication, create personalised products and sell them on this platform.

Bed Size

720mm X 420mm

This refers to the working area of the laser cutter and the maximum for each individual piece we can laser cut or engrave however for larger Artwork pieces we usually split the work into different sheet to fit the bed size- AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU

Preparing Artwork

Below are the fundamental rules to laser cutting and engraving:

1) For Cutting: The thickness of any line that you want to cut should be hairline and the colour has to be red on the RGB colour picker

Tech Spec: hairline RGB: 255,0,0

2) Vector Engraving- usually used to etch the outline of any artwork that does not require raster etching. the colour for the line should be blue and the thickness should be Hairline

Tech Spec: hairline RGB: 0,0,255

3) Raster Etching- This is ideal for when you're trying to fill patterns in your artwork created by the laser head going back and forth across the sheet like an inkjet printer would. To fill patterns and objects within your Artwork the colour has to be set to Black

Tech Spec: RGB: 0,0,0

Engraving Tip: The laser cutter reads the shades of colours and applies maximum power to the darker area an lower power to light areas, using a grayscale colour range will determine how dark or light your work comes out.

Artwork File Format

Please only send in artwork files in a Vector Format; there are numerous editing software which you can use. Here's the ideal file format for some of the popular design software:

CorelDraw: .CDR, .SVG,

Adobe Illustrator: .AI, .EPS

AutoCAD: AutoCAD 2004\LT 2004 .DXF

There's also some free open-source software which can be used to design your artwork such as Inkscape, Draftsight and some other file formats which can be sent are PDF providing that its at the right scale

Images- these can only be engraved all images files at least 300DPI sent as .jpeg, .tiff or .png